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bow noun v1 the front of a ship
bow noun v1 a knot with two loops
bowl noun a curved, open container, usually used for food
bowl verb to roll a ball in ten-pin bowling.
box noun v1 a container to store things in.
boy noun a young male person.
descend verb move or fall downward jtoy
brace noun a piece of wire that is fitted around your teeth to help straighten them.
bunch noun v1 a group of things together.
bracelet noun a decorative band or chain that is worn around your wrist. Bracelets are usually made of metal or beads.
braille noun a type of writing where letters are represented by raised dots. People who are blind read the dots by feeling them with their fingertips.
brain noun the part of your body inside your head that controls how you think and move.
brake noun a part of a vehicle that slows it down or stops it.
brake verb to slow down or stop a vehicle by using the brakes.
branch noun the part of a tree that grows out of the trunk.
brass noun a hard, yellow-colored metal made from a mixture of copper and zinc.
brave adjective willing to do something even though you are afraid. The brave girl dived into the lake to rescue her brother.
bread noun a food made from flour and baked in an oven.
break verb to damage something so that it cannot be used. The cat is always breakingthings.
break noun a period of rest.
breakfast noun the first meal of the day, eaten in the morning.
breathe verb to take air in and out of your lungs, through your nose or mouth.
breathless adjective having difficulty in breathing Running for the bus made the old man breathless.
breed verb to keep animals so that they produce young. She breeds racehorses
breed noun a particular type of animal. A dalmatian is a breedof dog.
breeze noun a gentle wind.
bribe verb to pay someone secretly to do something that they shouldn’t do The prisoner bribed the guard to set him free.
brick noun a block made out of baked clay, used for building things.
bride noun a woman on the day she gets married.
bridge noun a structure that is built over an obstacle such as a railroad or a river.