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beach noun land at the edge of a sea or lake, usually covered in pebbles or sand.
bead noun a small piece of wood, stone, or glass that can be threaded onto string.
beak noun the hard, bony mouth of a bird or dinosaur
beam noun a long, narrow ray of light.
bean noun a seed or pod that is eaten as a vegetable.
bear noun a large mammal with thick fur that usually lives in forests All bears eat meat, but some also eat honey, roots, plant buds, berries, and fruit.
bear verb to produce or give birth to This plant bears red berries.
beard noun the hair that grows on the lower part of a man’s face if he does not shave.
beat verb to defeat someone My friend beat me at chess.
beat noun a steady stroke or sound. A metronome ticks with a steady beat.
beautiful adjective very pleasant to look at. What a beautiful view!
blackboard noun a hard, dark smooth surface for writing on with chalk in classrooms.
beaver noun a large rodent that gnaws down trees to build dams and island homes, called lodges, in rivers. Beavers eat bark, roots, and twigs.
beckon verb to make a sign that tells someone to come to you.
become verb o change or grow into A tadpole becomes a frog.
bed noun v1 a piece of furniture that you sleep on.
bee noun a flying insect that usually lives in large, well-organized groups. Bees feed on pollen, nectar, and the honey they make from nectar.
beech noun a deciduous forest tree with smooth, gray bark and spreading branches
beef noun the meat from a cow or bull.
beehive noun a type of box that people keep bees in. They collect the honey that the bees make
beer noun an alcoholic drink made from cereal grains.
beetle noun an insect with hard, often brightly colored wing cases Some beetles eat small insects; others eat wood and plants.
beetroot / beet noun a hard, red root plant with leaves that is eaten as a vegetable
before preposition v1 earlier. Beforefour o’clock.
before adverb v1 in the past I’ve heard that story before.
beg verb to ask for something very strongly. The dog begged for a piece of meat
begin verb v1 to start something. The story begins in a castle.beginning noun
behave verb to act in a particular way in front of other people. Our class behaved well at the zoo
behind preposition at the back of She stood behind her friend.
being noun v1 someone or something that exists