About and FAQ

What is this project about?

This project is an experiment in building a new type of encyclopedia. Think of it as a dictionary with interactive movies for definitions. We want to explore ways to make computers and children more intelligent with a format that may be easier for them to understand. See more here

What is a concept?

A concept in our system is a dictionary entry or wikipedia entry like "to follow" or "to meet". We also want to cover broader concepts that you would find in a colloquial dictionary like "pull your own weight" orr "graveyard shift". Most of the concepts are currently verbs, but will later move on to nouns and adjectives.

What programming language is used?

Currently, all code is written in javascript using several libraries: pytorch underscore.js matter.js p5js three.js

What is the philosophy of building these simulations?

  • Try to capture the true essence of the concept
  • Building something is better than building nothing
  • Try to write clear code that others can understand
  • Use a 3D representation when possible because we live in a 3D world
  • Resolution independent, most simulations can work at many different resolutions
  • Why do some of the concepts look weird/bad?

    We use mostly basic primatives like circles and squares to draw. Some concepts are very difficult to express in a visual experience. For example the concept "abstract", The definition is an "existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence". How would you express that visually? We tried by displaying shapes with constantly morphing borders.
    We favor a pragmatic approach, building something as a starting point is better than thinking about it for too long.
    The hope is that these improve overtime.

    Can I see the source code??

    Yes, Go to any simulation and click the fork button!

    Can I help??

    Yes, please contact me to discuss!

    How can I contact you?

    Email us here: jtoy@jtoy.net OR on twitter: @jtoy