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blow verb to move in air, or be moved in air.
blue noun a color. jtoy,jtoy
bluff verb to trick someone into believing something She pretended to be brave, but she was bluffing
blunt adjective v1 having a rounded end or edge.
blur verb to make something unclear and difficult to see. The view through the window was blurred by rain.
blush verb to turn red because you are embarrassed or shy.
board noun a flat piece of wood, or very stiff paper.
boast verb to tell people about something in a proud and annoying way. He boasted about his money.
boat noun a small open vessel that carries goods and people across water.
body noun v1 all the physical parts that make up an animal or person.
boil verb to heat a liquid until it starts to bubble and steam rises from it.
bold adjective brave and fearless. The bold knight marched up to the dragon’s cave
bolt noun a metal rod that is used to fasten things together.
bomb noun an exploding weapon that can cause damage to anything around it.
border noun the boundary between two countries
boss noun the person who is in charge at work.
bore verb to be very uninteresting. She bored us for weeks by telling the same joke.
bore verb She bore 10 children.
born verb to bear I was born 10 years ago, so I am 10 years old
borrow verb to take something for a while and then return it. I borrowed my friend’s pen.
boss noun the person who is in charge at work.
both adjective v1 not just one thing, but two. Both bowls contain rice
bother verb to worry or annoy someone.
bottle noun a container for liquids, usually made of glass or plastic.
bottom noun v1 the lowest part of something. The bottom of the sea.
bought verb I bought a present for my friend yesterday.
bounce verb to spring up and down. jtoy
boundary noun the edge of a piece of land.
bouquet noun a bunch of flowers that has been specially arranged and wrapped.
bow verb v1 to bend from the waist as a greeting or a sign of respect