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believe verb to feel strongly that something is true.
bell noun a cup-shaped piece of metal that makes a ringing sound when it is struck
belong verb v1 to be someone’s possession or property. That book belongs to me
below preposition v1 lower than Below her waist.
belt noun a narrow strip of fabric or leather that you wear around your waist.
bench noun a long, wooden seat
bend verb v1 to change something straight into a curved shape. She bentover to touch her toes. jtoy
bend noun v1 a curve. Bends in the road.
benefit verb to receive help from someone or something. The school would benefit from having new computers.
beret noun a soft, flat hat.
berry noun a small, round juicy fruit with seeds inside.
beside preposition at the side of The ball is beside her
best adjective better than any other
bet verb to believe that something is going to happen. I bet it’s going to rain later.
better adjective more able You are good at science but he is better.
between preposition in the middle of. Between her knees.
beware verb to be careful of something Beware of the dog.
beyond preposition farther away than. The hills lay beyond the river.
bicycle noun a vehicle with two wheels that you ride by turning the pedals with your feet. Bicycle can be shortened to bike.
big adjective large in width or size he jacket is too big for him.
bikini noun a swimming outfit with two pieces, worn by girls and women.
bill noun the hard, bony mouth of a bird.
billow verb to spread out and be blown about in the wind. Smoke billowed out from the chimneys.
bin noun v1 a box or container used for storage.
binoculars noun two small telescopes joined together that make things that are far away look closer.
biodegradable adjective able to be broken down by bacteria Most paper is biodegradable.
bird noun an animal that has warm blood, feathers on its body, and wings
birthday noun the anniversary of the day you were born.
birthday cake noun a special cake with candles on top that is baked for your birthday.
birthday card noun a card that people send to you on your birthday, to congratulate you on being a year older.