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birthday party noun a party to celebrate someone’s birthday.
birthday present noun a gift that you give to someone on their birthday
biscuit noun a type of bread made in small, soft cakes.
bit noun a small piece of something. The mouse nibbled a bitof cheese
blackbird noun a bird that lives in gardens and fields, and eats insects and seeds. The male has black feathers and the female has brown feathers.
bite verb to use your teeth in a cutting action, usually with food.
bitter adjective having a sour, sharp taste. Strong coffee can taste bitter.
black noun v1 a color.
blackberry noun a black or dark purple fruit that grows on prickly stems called brambles.
blade noun the flat, sharp, metal part of a knife or a sword.
blank noun An empty space. The last word has been left blank.
blanket noun a soft covering, usually made of wool that is used to keep people or animals warm
blast noun a powerful explosion or gust of wind. A blast of cold air came in through the window.
blame verb to think or say that someone has done something wrong. She always blames me for letting the toast burn.
blazer noun a jacket that is often worn as part of a uniform
bleach noun a very powerful chemical that removes color. Bleach can burn your skin.
bleed verb to lose blood. My nose started to bleedwhen I fell over.
blind adjective unable to see Some blind people have guide dogs.
blink verb to open and shut your eyes quickly. The bright light made me blink
blister noun a bubble of watery liquid that forms under your skin when it has been burnt or rubbed. Tight shoes give me blisters.
blizzard noun a very heavy snowstorm.
blob noun v1 a small lump of something with no shape.
block noun v1 a solid shape, such as a block of wood
block verb v1 to be in the way The road was blockedby the fallen tree. jtoy
blond / blonde adjective having light-colored hair. Blond is used for boys and men, and blonde is used for girls and women.
blood noun the red liquid that flows around our body through veins and arteries. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to our skin and muscles.
bloom verb to produce flowers. Fruit trees bloom in the spring
blossom noun the flowers on a tree that appear before the fruit.
blot noun a stain on paper, usually made by ink or paint that has been spilled
blouse noun a type of shirt, usually worn by girls or women.