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brief adjective short in time He made a brief speech, lasting only five minutes.
bright adjective giving off a lot of light. A car has bright headlights
brilliant adjective very smart or clever. The inventor had a brilliant idea.
brim noun the edge of a hat.
bring verb to take something or someone with you when you go somewhere. May I bring my friend along?
bristle noun stiff hairs, usually on an animal or a brush.
brittle adjective easily broken Icicles are very brittle.
broad adjective very wide The river was broad at its mouth.
broadcast verb to send sound or pictures by radio or television. The Olympic games are broadcast all over the world
broccoli noun a vegetable with edible green or purple buds. Broccoli is related to the cauliflower.
brochure noun a small book that contains information.
broke verb to break I broke my pencil in half
bronze noun a brown-colored metal made from a mixture of copper and tin An ornament made of bronze
brooch noun a piece of jewelry that is usually pinned onto clothes
broom noun a stiff, long-handled brush that is used for sweeping.
brother noun a male person who has the same mother and father as someone else.
brought verb to bring I brought my dog with me.
brown noun a color
brush verb to sweep.
brush noun a tool with a handle and bristles.
bubble noun a light ball of liquid with air inside.
bucket noun v1 a large container with a handle, usually used for carrying liquids.
buckle noun an object for fastening two ends of a belt or strap.
bud noun a small swelling on a plant, containing young leaves or flowers
Buddhist noun a person who follows the teachings of Buddha, a religious teacher who lived about 2,500 years ago.
buffalo noun a large mammal that lives on open plains and eats grass.
bugle noun a brass musical instrument that you blow through to produce sound.
build verb v1 to join things together to make a structure The bird built a nest out of twigs.
building noun v1 a structure, usually with walls and a roof, for sheltering people or objects.
bulb noun the rounded glass part of an electric light.