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bulge verb to swell or be lumpy Her pockets bulged with food
bull noun a male mammal of the cattle family.
bulldozer noun a machine with a large, metal blade at the front for moving earth and rocks.
bullet noun v1 a pointed metal object fired from a gun.
bully noun an unpleasant person who frightens others
bump verb to knock into something.
bump noun a rounded shape on a smooth surface. Toads have bumpson their skin.
bundle noun v1 a group of things that are loosely joined together.
bungalow noun a small house with all its rooms on one level.
bunk bed noun one of a pair of beds that are placed one on top of the other.
buoy noun an object that is tied to an anchor and floats on water. Buoys are used as a warning or guide for ships and boats
burglar noun a person who steals things from people’s houses
burn verb to damage or destroy by fire.
burrow noun an animal’s undergroundhome.
burst verb to split open The water pipe burst and flooded the kitchen.
bury verb to put something in the ground and cover it over. The dog buried its bone.
bus noun v1 a road vehicle for carrying a large number of passengers
bush noun a large round-shaped plant. Bushes are smaller than trees and have many branches low to the ground.
business noun an organization that sells products or services.
busy adjective doing lots of things jtoy
butcher noun a person who prepares and sells meat.
butter noun a soft, yellow food made from cream.
buttercup noun a small wildflower with yellow petals.
butterfly noun an insect with wings covered in very fine, colored scales Butterflies begin life as caterpillars. Most butterflies eat plants
button noun v1 a small object used to fasten two parts of a piece of clothing together.
buy verb to pay for something. I’m going to buy a book with my allowance.
buzz verb to make a low, humming noise. The bees buzzed in the hive.
byte noun a piece of information that a computer stores in its memory.
cabbage noun a vegetable with a short stem and tightly wrapped layers of broad leaves.
cabin noun a small, simple house.