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awake adjective not asleep I stayed awake all night
award noun a prize A rosette is an award.
aware adjective knowing something. He became aware that someone was watching him.
away adverb v1 not here. The teacher was away today.
awful adjective very bad.
awkward adjective difficult to use or inconvenient.
ax noun a tool that is used to chop wood
baboon noun a large monkey that is found all over Africa Baboons live on the ground and eat plants and small animals.
baby noun a very young child
back adverb v1 returning. I am going to the store. I’ll be back later.
back noun v1 the part of your body that is opposite your chest and between your neck and your bottom.
backpack noun a large bag with shoulder straps, often worn by walkers to hold clothes and equipment.
backward adverb v1 moving toward the back. I fell backward into a prickly bush.
bacon noun salted meat from the back or side of a pig.
bacteria noun very small organisms. Some cause disease, while others help your body. Some bacteria help break down food in your stomach
coat noun a layer of paint.
bad adjective wrong Stealing is very bad
badge noun a decoration that can be pinned or sewn onto clothes.
badminton noun an indoor game played by two or four people on a court. Each player uses a racket to hit a shuttlecock over a net
baffle verb to confuse someone or make a person puzzled. The quiz completely baffled him.
bag noun a container that you can carry things in, usually made of material, plastic, or paper.
baggy adjective fitting loosely.
bake verb to cook in an oven or fire. Pies, cakes, and bread are baked.
balance verb v1 to keep steady so you do not fall over. The tightrope walker balancedon the high wire.
balcony noun a platform for standing on that is attached to the wall of a building above the ground.
bald adjective without any hair. A bald head
ball noun a rounded object used to play many games and sports.
ballet noun a performance on stage that tells a story in music and dance
balloon noun a bag of rubber or other material filled with air or another gas.
bamboo noun a tall, tropical grass with hard, hollow stems Bamboo can be used to make garden poles and furniture.