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almost adverb v1 nearly The bottle is almost empty.
alone adjective v1 by yourself, without anyone else. He was alone on the island. jtoy
along preposition v1 from one end to another We walked along the beach
aloud adverb v1 so that it can be heard He read the letter aloud
already adverb by this time She was already eating breakfast when he woke up
also adverb as well Sue is also coming with us.
alter verb v1 to change something to suit a special purpose. I have altered my story to give it a happy ending
altogether adverb v1 including everyone or everything There are eight apples altogether
aluminum noun a silverywhite metal that is light but strong. aluminum container
always adverb very often He is always playing loud music
amazing adjective very surprising or out of the ordinary An amazing hat. amaze verb
ambition noun what you want to be or do. Her ambition is to travel to the Moon.
ambulance noun a vehicle for taking sick or injured people to and from the hospital.
ambush verb to hide and wait for someone, then attack them by surprise when they come along
among preposition v1 in the middle of. There are poppies growing among the corn.
amount noun v1 how much there is of something Twice the amount of flour as brown sugar
amphibian noun an animal that can live in water and on land
amplifier noun a piece of equipment to make music sound louder.
amuse verb to make someone smile or laugh The cartoon amused them
anagram noun a word or phrase made by changing the order of letters in another word or phrase. “Team” is an anagram of “meat.”
hoop noun v1 a round strip of plastic, wood, or metal.
arrow noun a pointed piece of metal that is shot from a bow.
ancestor noun a relative from a previous generation. Archaeopteryx is an ancestor of birds like the hoatzin.
anchor noun a large, heavy, metal hook that digs into the seabed to stop a ship from drifting away.
ancient adjective very old ancient Roman statue
angel noun a messenger from a god or God.
anger noun a strong feeling of annoyance
angle noun a corner where two lines or surfaces meet.
animal noun any living thing that breathes and moves around Insects, fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles are all types of animal.
animation noun still pictures, often in cartoon form, that appear to move.