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power noun energy or force. Batteries provide the power for this flashlight.
practical adjective having practice at doing something. You need practical experience for this job.
present adjective a gift to someone.
preserve verb to keep food so that it lasts. Fruit preserved in a jar.
pretend noun to believe something for fun. He pretended to be a cowboy.
print adjective to put words, pictures, or patterns onto paper, using paint or ink, and printing blocks. Printing a picture.
produce noun to make, grow, manufacture, or create something. The orange trees produced a large crop of fruit this year.
profession The medical profession. all the people who do such a job.
professional adjective earning a living from an occupation that is not usually thought of as a job. A professional actor.
program noun a list of planned events.
program noun a small book of information about a play or concert. There are two pianists on the program.
promotion verb a change to a more important job or position.
property noun a general name for the buildings and land owned by someone.
punch verb a machine that stamps holes, letters, or patterns in something.
punch verb a sweet drink made by mixing fruit juices and other liquids together. Punch is usually served from a large bowl.
pupil noun the small, dark part at the center of your eye that expands or contracts to let in the right amount of light.
puzzle noun a game in which you have to find the answers to a problem.
puzzle adjective to confuse. The strange noises puzzled us.
pyramid noun v0 an ancient tomb or temple shaped like a pyramid. The pyramids of Egypt.
quality noun something that is special about someone or something. She has many good qualities.
quarter noun v0 a coin that is equal to 25 cents, or a quarter of a dollar.
quite adverb completely You are quite right.
race adjective a group of people who share the same ancestors and may share some physical characteristics.
racket noun a loud, annoying noise. He was making a racket with his drums.
radiator noun a metal tank that allows air to cool the hot water in the engine of a vehicle.
raft noun a hollow mat made of rubber or plastic and filled with air that can be used as a boat.
rail noun a long line of metal track that trains run along.
rail noun the railroad. We traveled by rail around Europe.
railroad noun v0 a transportation system that uses rail tracks, together with trains, stations, and land.
rally noun a long-distance car race that tests drivers’ skills.