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party noun an organized group of people who have the same political beliefs.
pass verb v0 to give something to someone with your hand. He passed the bowl to her
pass verb v0 to be successful in an examination or test
paste noun a type of glue made of flour and water.
patch noun a small area of something A patch of grass.
peace adjective a guide for making things, such as toys or clothes.
pen noun v0 a small area with a fence for keeping animals in.
people noun v0 members of a particular race, culture, or nation.
pepper noun a bright green, yellow, orange, or red vegetable
perfume noun any sweet or pleasant smell.
personality noun someone famous. A sports personality.
pick verb v0 to remove a flower, fruit, or leaf from a plant. Picking a flower.
pigment noun the substance that gives coloring to the skin of animals and vegetables.
place noun v0 a position in a competition or race.
plain adjective understandable or clear. His meaning was plain.
platform v0 a flat, raised area in a hall where speakers or performers stand so they can be seen.
play noun to make music on a musical instrument. Playing an accordion.
play noun to act a part. She played the fairy.
plot noun a small piece of ground.
point noun a score in a game or competition. How many points did you get?
point noun the main goal or purpose What’s the point of this story?
pole noun the most northern and southern end of an imaginary line, or axis, that passes through Earth’s center
pole noun either end of a magnet.
poor adjective of low or bad quality. The house was in a poor condition.
poor noun unfortunate. The poor child was soaking wet.
position noun v0 a place or location. He found the position of his house on the map.
post noun an upright pole of wood, stone, or metal set in the ground.
post noun the place where a person is supposed to be when working
pouch noun a part of the body that is shaped like a bag or pocket
power noun the ability to control what someone else does.