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smell verb to have an odor. The barn smelled of hay.
smell noun the odor of something, usually unpleasant. What a smell!
snap verb to break suddenly She snapped the stick in half
snap verb to talk in a quick, angry way “Why haven’t you done your homework?” he snapped.
sniff verb to breathe in through your nose, trying to smell something. Dogs find out about things by sniffing them.
society noun a club or an organization. An animal welfare society.
soft adjective v0 gentle or smooth to the touch. A soft ball of yarn.
soft adjective v0 not harsh or loud. A soft sound.
sole noun the bottom of a shoe.
sole noun an edible type of flat fish.
solid adjective v0 firm or strongly made. They built a solid wall around the castle.
solution noun v0 a liquid that has something dissolved in it. A solution of salt and water.
some adjective v0 part of, but not all. I ate some cake.
sort noun v0 What sort of vacation will you take this year?
speech noun a talk given to an audience.
spend verb to pass time. We spent two weeks camping in the forest.
spin verb to produce threads. Spiders and silkworms spin threads by producing them from their bodies. People spin raw cotton and wool to make threads.
spine noun one of the stiff, sharp points on an animal, like a porcupine, or on a plant, like a cactus
spine noun the part of a book where the pages are joined and that holds the book together.
spirit adjective a being, such as a ghost, that does not have a body
split verb v0 to tear or crack, perhaps by mistake The bag split open. jtoy
spoil verb to give a child so much that he or she becomes demanding and unpleasant
spot noun v0 a place. It was a perfect picnic spot.
spring noun a coil of thin metal that jumps back into shape after it has been pressed together or pulled apart.
spring noun a place where water flows out of the ground.
spring noun to appear or grow quickly New houses sprang up all over the hillside.
squash verb v0 to squeeze together. We all squashed onto the sofa
stage noun a point reached in the progress of something. They made the long journey in several stages.
stalk noun a long, thin part of an animal
stall noun a table used to display and sell goods, usually at a market.